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   The History of Canoe Trails

       It is believed that Canoe Trails began in 
  1947, under the direction of Dr. Everett 
  Partridge who began taking his Boy Scouts on 
     Canadian canoe trips. In 1965, Mr. George S. 
     Wildman began the Co-Ed Canoe Trails program to 
     enable girls to have the opportunity to have 
     this same enjoyment. Today, both the Boys and 
     the Co-Ed programs run simultaneously.

    The home base for the programs is in Beaver, 
     Pennsylvania with a present Canadian base
in Kipawa, Quebec, Canada.

   Canoe Trails Current News 
  • 09 April, 2016

    With spring possibly...maybe...perhaps around the corner, we have
    updated the Canoe Trails website to include the entire 2016 training
    schedule! Check it out under the "Events Calendar" to the left.

    Also, we recently added the entire training manual for Canoe Trails! 
    Check it out under "CT Online Manual" to the left.

  • 31 January, 2016

    Gearing up for 2016? Canoe Trails is! Check out the below schedule
    and if you have any questions, check out the CT forum. 

    Orientation @ the Barn - February 13th, 4-7PM
    Orientation @ the Barn - February 17th, TBD
    1st Training @ the Barn - March 6th, 3-6PM
    Trip deposit due - April 1st
    Training 2 @ the Barn/Bradys Run - April 3, 12-5PM

    Tentative Trip Date: July 8th - July 17
    Additional dates to be posted shortly.

  • 03 January, 2016

    Memorial Service for Mr. Cecil Hetrick

    Canoe Trails will be hosting a memorial service for Mr. Cecil Hetrick,
    who passed away December 17, 2015. Please bring fond memories,
    your beret and red & black jacket.

    Afterwards, there will be a campfire for all to enjoy. Please bring your
    own chair.

    When: January 10, 2016 - 6:00PM
    Where: Barn
    Address: 298 Division Lane Vanport, PA 15009-9324

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